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I have always been interested in paths to investigate self developing, from the most ortodox to the most creative ones. I continue permanently my studies, training and pedagogy in Theatre, Meditation, Dance, Singing, Dramaturgy, Psychotherapy and Yoga.

Federica Cuccia is an actress, author and performer.

She is bilingual in Italian and Spanish, she speaks English fluently and she has a good knowledge of Portuguese.


She currently lives in Madrid, collaborating with other artists and developing her own projects between Italy and Spain.

She researches performance languages with the commitment to creating artistic places where transparency, active listening and non-oppression practices are cultivated.

At 18, she moved to Madrid to study drama with Juan Carlos Corazza and in 2012 she was graduated at his international school “Estudio Corazza Para el Actor”; later she has been his assistant at the cultural center Il Funaro- Pistoia.


She works and continues her training in the performing arts, among others, with: Yoshi Oïda (Théâtre Des Bouffes Du Nord), Marco Bellocchio; Krysztof Warlikowski (Warsaw), Emma Dante; Thomas Richards and Mario Biagini (Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski, Pontedera), Gabriel Chamé Buendía, Fernanda Orazi; Pablo Messiez.

Actress and performer with Emma Dante since 2014, she is part of the cast in Carmen - Teatro alla Scala, Milan  and “Feuersnot” - Teatro Massimo, Palermo.


Since 2015 she has been engaged in a permanent theater research project with the company CRiAD. She has been Lead Actress in Gli Ignudi, a theater play on “Clothing the Naked” and other works by Luigi Pirandello, debuted in 2017 at Théâtre Nouvelle Génération- Les Ateliers (Lyon, France). 

In 2023 she began working on the stage creation "To cede, immediately - practices of coexistence and transformation: score for humans, tree and trousseau", in which she conducts an itinerant, open and interdisciplinary research on care, intimacy and mutual belonging between living beings through performance, video art and encounter in collaboration with theaters, universities, fine arts academies, conservatories, foundations and museums.

Federica Voi .NOSTALGIA ~ Beauty Capsule

Ph Francesco Paolo Catalano



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